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Local Cities Should Support Affordable Housing Owners
As of 2019, the population of individuals experiencing homelessness has skyrocketed to 58,936 people in Los Angeles County alone. [Article]
by , . 2020-07-02
Newsom: Wear A Mask This 4th Of July Weekend; Hospitalizations Up 56% In 2 Weeks
In the last 24 hours, 73 Californians died from coronavirus-related illness. While there are currently 19 counties on the state's monitoring watch list, Newsom said that he expected several more counties to be coming onto that watch list soon. [Article]
by , . 2020-07-02
As LA Businesses Reopen, Workers Face A Tough Choice: Risk Your Income — Or Your Health?
Now that many businesses in L.A. can reopen after months of pandemic shutdown, employers say they're having difficulties getting their workers to come back. [Article]
by , . 2020-07-02
With LA Beaches Closed, Public Pools May Be Open, But With New Restrictions
As the holiday weekend heats up, you're likely desperate for a nice cool swim at your local public pool, or maybe to lay out in the sun for a while since the beaches are closed. But if you can find a public pool that's open, expect extensive new rules to keep people separated and safe from contracting the coronavirus. [Article]
by , . 2020-07-02
Fired Terranea Resort workers stage protest, car caravan
Workers who were recently fired from the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes staged a protest along with supporters Wednesday, demanding billionaires and wealthy corporations commit to a “just recovery for all.” [Article]
by , Long Beach Press Telegram. 2020-07-02
Los Angeles’ fast, steep budget cut
With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting shutdowns, governments across California are forced to make difficult choices. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2020-07-02
Police recruit sues LA Sheriff’s Academy instructor for pressuring her to have sex, lie
A former instructor at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy pressured a young recruit to have sex, gave her a venereal disease and then asked her to lie during an internal investigation, contends a lawsuit filed last month. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2020-07-02
It’s time to enforce the law and help at-risk kids
During his second governorship, journalists occasionally would ask Jerry Brown what he was doing about California’s highest-in-the-nation poverty rate. Brown would tick off several actions, his centerpiece being the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which provides school districts with billions of extra dollars to upgrade the schooling of “at-risk” students, those from impoverished homes and/or English-learners. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2020-07-02
For museums, California reopening turns into re-closing
Just as Los Angeles museums were beginning to reopen, an alarming surge in coronavirus cases and a new order from Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday have forced several institutions to close once again. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
Coronavirus at 'critical juncture' as hospitalizations soar
The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus in California has jumped 56% in the last two weeks, an alarming sign of how rapidly COVID-19 is spreading and the intense pressure it’s putting on the state’s medical infrastructure. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
West Hollywood to fine those not wearing COVID-19 masks
Not wearing a mask will soon cost you in West Hollywood. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
L.A. unveils color-coded coronavirus risk-assessment system
As coronavirus cases continue to mushroom throughout the state, Los Angeles has unveiled a new color-coded system to assess and report the risk of infection. The online indicator, which Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled Wednesday, is broken into four categories — red, orange, yellow and green — each representing different threat levels. “Information and data on the threat helps us all inform our behavior, guides us to better days,” Garcetti said. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
Coronavirus surge prompts L.A. to postpone some ticketing
Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, Los Angeles lawmakers said Wednesday that parking officials will not resume writing tickets during street sweeping until August at the earliest. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
Why Hollywood's C-suites have so few Black executives
Protests against police brutality prompted leading entertainment companies to declare their support for social justice causes and diversity. But those same companies have a poor track record when it comes to hiring and promoting black executives into their highest levels, critics say. People of color working in Hollywood, including successful producers and directors, have expressed frustration over the chronic lack of Black and brown executives in decision-making positions. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
Jobs numbers improve in June, but COVID-19 darkens outlook
Accelerating job growth in June and a second straight month of declining unemployment fanned hopes for a fast recovery after the economy suffered near-Great Depression losses in the spring. But the better-than-expected jobs report Thursday, which showed unemployment dropping to 11.1% from 13.3% and employers adding 4.8 million jobs in June, may be an uncertain guide to the future. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
In Los Angeles, an Economy Built on Freelancers Crumbles
Candy Ibarra had six jobs at the beginning of 2020. Now she has none. By March, with a pandemic-stricken economy in free fall, a Target commercial in which she was going to perform was canceled, as were at least six other Hollywood projects. Non-acting jobs she had to help pay the bills, as a private investigator and a translator, dried up because of travel restrictions and bans on outsiders in courts and hospitals. In recent weeks some translation work has restarted virtually and she has explored customer-service work, but it pays only $9 an hour. “It’s piddlings,” the single mother in her 40s said. “It’s just really hard to stay hopeful.” [Article]
by , . 2020-07-02
Newsom backtracks on California coronavirus reopening
Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday ordered tougher restrictions on indoor activities for most of the state, marking a major step backward in the reopening and an attempt to slow an alarming rise of the coronavirus in 19 counties. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
As Congress leaves town, hopes for police reforms fade
After George Floyd’s death in police custody, both Republicans and Democrats immediately wrote bills to change policing practices, sparking hope that they would overcome the partisanship gripping most policy debates to enact meaningful legislation. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
California RV camping offers social distancing amid COVID-19
Heading north on the Maricopa Highway toward Wheeler Gorge Campground, I was finally comfortable behind the wheel of the 25-foot-long RV. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
Here are the 12 propositions on California's November ballot
California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures, dominated by an effort to repeal a ban on the consideration of race and gender in hiring and admissions decisions as well as complex rules on property taxation and criminal justice. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2020-07-02
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