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The recent explosion of information on the internet presents both an opportunity and a challenge to busy policy makers and business leaders alike. Executives in both sectors rarely have time to sift through thousands of news stories and reports each day, yet increasingly success demands up to the minute knowledge of important events. DCS is addressing this important challenge through a web-based digest of each day's local government news in California, together with links to the original stories.

The digital clipping service serves as the daily starting point or home page for hundreds of county supervisors, top level county officials, members of the media, and legislative staff across the state.

Since its inception, the DCS has experienced rapid growth in its subscriber base. Currently, more than 1,600 top level county officials and decision makers receive the DCS e-mail each day, with new subscribers added every day. In addition to the daily e-mail, nearly 1,500 unique visitors use the DCS website each month for a total regular subscriber base of more than 3,000 readers. The DCS is designed to provide subscribers with a single point of access to daily news and information about current events affecting the 58 counties throughout California. DCS readers can easily and efficiently learn about policy developments, innovative solutions, or looming challenges from other jurisdictions throughout the state.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently making available Digital Clipping Service sponsorship opportunities to businesses interested in a cost-effective method of marketing their services and products to California counties. As a DCS sponsor your company logo, together with a link to your company's website, will be displayed on the daily DCS e-mail sent out to more than 1,500 subscribers each business day. In addition, all supporters will be listed in the supporters section of the web-based version of the clipping service, viewed by an additional 1,500 unique visitors each month. Displaying your company logo on the daily DCS e-mail and DCS website provides sponsors an opportunity to target an audience composed of top-level county decision-makers and state-level policy makers.

Sponsorship rates start at $300 per quarter for once per week placement. Every other day placement is $500 per quarter and every day placement is $900 per quarter. To learn more about DCS sponsorship opportunities, please contact Matthew Newman, DCS Director, at 510.238.8522 or send your inquiries to To become a DCS subscriber, visit the DCS website at and click on the clippings by e-mail link.