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New L.A. County Public Defender Appointed by Board of Supervisors | KTLA
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has selected criminal defense attorney Ricardo Garcia as the county’s new public defender. Garcia will take over as head of the oldest and largest public defender’s office in the nation, with 700 attorneys who provide criminal defense services for adults and juveniles who cannot afford their own lawyers. The office has been without a permanent head since Ronald Brown retired in 2016. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
L.A. County Expands Mobile Shower Program - Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel | Black News
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors signed off today on a plan to offer more mobile showers for people living on the streets or in their cars. Supervisors Hilda Solis and Kathryn Barger, who championed the move, cited the success of pilot programs in the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area and East Pasadena. “Providing access to a shower to someone who doesn’t have access to one often can help on a job interview. For children, a shower is often the difference between going to school or not,” Solis said. “Above all, every week this program demonstrates that people are regaining their self-confidence and dignity — even if they are experiencing homelessness.” [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
LA County Takes Step Toward Capping Rents For Mobile Home Parks
There are currently more than 8,500 units in 86 mobile home parks in unincorporated areas of the county, according to officials. During the Board of Supervisors’ meeting, officials voted on the ordinance in hopes of removing barriers for rent control across California due to rising housing costs. Supervisor Janice Hahn, who proposed the ordinance, called for a 180-day moratorium on rent increases in excess of 3 percent for mobile home spaces leased for a period of 12 months or less. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
Overcoming A Shameful Past, VA Plans Haven For Homeless Vets In West Los Angeles : NPR
A vast green space in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Los Angeles is slated to become a haven for homeless veterans. That's a big change for the campus of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center. For years, parts of the property were illegally rented to a variety of commercial enterprises having nothing to do with helping veterans. This month, two men involved in those deals will be sentenced to federal prison for bribery and fraud. The nearly 400 acres of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center were donated in the 19th century to be a home for old and disabled soldiers. But the land hasn't been used that way in decades. More recently it's been home to parking lots for school buses and rental cars, a commercial laundry for hotels, a storage facility for TV shows, among other uses having nothing to do with veterans. So when he became secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2014, Robert McDonald examined all of those rental agreements. "The money didn't add up," he says. "There was some indication of payoffs, of bribery." [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
County’s animal shelters to offer discounted adoptions this weekend – Santa Clarita Valley Signal
With millions of companion animals ending up at shelters, the county’s Animal Care and Control department shelters will offer discounted adoptions this weekend, including at the Castaic location. The event, dubbed Clear the Shelters, will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 18 at all seven Los Angeles County shelters. The Castaic Animal Care Center is located at 31044 North Charlie Canyon Road. Each center will offer a $20 adoption fee for dogs and no cost adoptions for cats. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
'Safe Moves' Mini-City Teaches Kids How to Be Safe on PCH | News |
Here’s one rule that should be added to the list of how to prevent accidents on PCH: A topless female should not stand right next to traffic on PCH taking selfies with the ocean in the background. This happened on the way to the class teaching kids how to be safe on PCH. Luckily, there was not a ten-car pile-up—kudos to the drivers for paying attention to the road.  [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
New WorkSource Center Opens in Culver City  - Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel | Black News
On Friday, August 10, the West Los Angeles America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) celebrated its grand opening in Culver City. AJCC is a one-stop shop for workforce services, providing a comprehensive range of no-cost employment and training services for employers and job seekers. “What brings [AJCC] together is our common goal to insure the highest quality of service for job seekers and the local business community through seamlessly integrated resources to help our clients overcome barriers and achieve sustainable employment,” said Alan Levy, JV [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
First came the proclamations against Trump's offshore drilling plan. Now comes the legislation
When the Trump administration proposed opening California waters to drilling on an unprecedented scale, state leaders said they would do whatever it takes to keep new oil operations at bay. But promises only go so far. So some in Sacramento now are trying to lock those pledges into law — safeguarding the coast from offshore drilling no matter the whims of future administrations. Despite decades of lawsuits and regulations, the state’s ability to block offshore drilling hinges largely on who’s in power in the state Capitol. Even with staunch opposition by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and pledges from both candidates vying to be the next governor, future leaders could still allow new drilling if they choose. Two bills that could live or die Thursday would close that possibility by barring state land managers from allowing the construction of new pipelines, piers, wharves or other infrastructure necessary to transport the oil and gas from water to land. In a state where polls show 69% of residents oppose more drilling off their coast, such legislation may seem like a shoo-in. “But unfortunately it’s not,” said Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), acting chair of the Assembly’s Natural Resources Committee. A similar Senate bill last year failed amid pressure from powerful oil and business interests that said stripping the state of this decision-making authority could do more harm than good. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2018-08-16
L.A. officials moved to ban rental scooters in March. So why are they everywhere?
A proposal in July to temporarily ban rental scooters in Los Angeles sparked an outcry from transportation advocates and some lawmakers, who said the zippy devices were a transportation innovation that should be regulated, not banished. During that debate, though, a crucial point went unmentioned: L.A. lawmakers had already backed a temporary scooter ban. Five months ago, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a motion to place a moratorium on “dockless transportation systems” until officials could approve rules governing their use. The motion was drafted to apply to the shared bicycles that can be rented and dropped off anywhere. Some City Hall officials realized only last week that the language was broad enough to apply to the hundreds of Bird and Lime scooters that have appeared in Venice Beach, Playa del Rey, Beverly Grove and other L.A. neighborhoods. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2018-08-16
Supporters of overhauling California's bail system angered by draft plan to boost the power of judges
California lawmakers haven’t released the details of landmark legislation meant to overhaul the way judges assign bail, but the bill’s former supporters are raising alarm over possible changes that could give judges more power to incarcerate a wide array of people. An Aug. 6 version of the amended bill obtained by the Los Angeles Times shows that judges would have greater discretion over “preventive detention,” a practice that allows them to decide which people to hold without the possibility of release. The changes to Senate Bill 10 also would narrow the number of low-level, nonviolent criminal defendants automatically eligible for release after their arrest. A staffer for state Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys), the bill’s co-author, said the proposal has undergone several rounds of changes since then. But some sponsors have already dropped their support and others are working to the kill the legislation, arguing the crux of last week’s amendments — which include giving judges and probation officers more control over the pretrial system — are likely to remain the same. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2018-08-16
Disney promised a luxury hotel and Anaheim offered $267 million in tax breaks — but a growing feud has plans on hold
Walt Disney Co. has put a hold on plans to build a luxury hotel in Disneyland Resort’s shopping district, citing a feud with Anaheim officials over tax subsidies that the Burbank media giant was expecting to get from operating the hotel. The dispute centers on a $267-million tax break that the Anaheim City Council approved in 2016 for a 700-room hotel — the fourth hotel at the Disneyland Resort and the first high-end property built in 20 years. But since the tax break was approved, Disney has changed the location of the hotel. The city now says the subsidy applies only to the project as it was proposed at the previous address. Disney says the project may not be financially viable without the tax break. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2018-08-16
‘We want people who represent the ideals of our generation’
A coalition of young adults running for City Council seats countywide is hoping to address homelessness and sustainability while invigorating the youth vote in upcoming local elections. Orange County Students for City Council formed a coalition earlier this year in an effort to usher in a progressive platform in the historically conservative but arguably becoming more liberal county. There are six candidates ages 18 to 27. Jackson Hinkle started the coalition in April with friends Jake Rybczyk and Perry Meade. Hinkle and Rybczyk, both 18 and both of San Clemente, decided to run for council seats, feeling they could inspire young adults elsewhere. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2018-08-16
L.A. County hasn't had a public defender in 2 years. It just appointed one - The San Diego Union-Tribune
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has selected criminal defense attorney Ricardo Garcia as the county’s new public defender. Garcia will take over as head of the oldest and largest public defender’s office in the nation, with 700 attorneys who provide criminal defense services for adults and juveniles who cannot afford their own lawyers. The office has been without a permanent head since Ronald Brown retired in 2016. Garcia is a supervising attorney in the San Diego County public defender’s office. He started there as a trial attorney in 1995 and was later recruited to the Department of the Alternate Public Defender, which defends cases where the public defender may have a conflict of interest, often because multiple people have been charged in a single case. From 2004 to 2006 Garcia served as the criminal justice director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, according to the news release. In that position he monitored the Los Angeles Police Department’s compliance with a federal civil rights consent decree and conditions in L.A. County jails. Garcia later returned to the San Diego County public defender’s office, most recently supervising in the multiple conflicts office/major cases section. Garcia will take over the office from Interim Public Defender Nicole Davis Tinkham, a former deputy county counsel who has defended sheriff’s deputies in lawsuits against the county. [Article]
by , San Diego Union-Tribune. 2018-08-16
Long vacant land along Bear Valley Parkway to be developed - The San Diego Union-Tribune
40-acre plot of land along the east side of Bear Valley Parkway in Escondido, vacant for the past 30 years since being retired as a citrus and avocado grove, will become a 55-unit housing development. The Escondido City Council unanimously Wednesday approved the project which also calls for the developer to build a northbound lane of traffic — something badly needed along that section of the road. All but roughly 1.5 miles of the busy six-mile-long road is four lanes but narrows to two lanes south of San Pasqual Valley Road (state Route 78). The result is a backup of traffic every workday morning and night as commuters funnel into and out of the area on their way from eastern Escondido to Interstate 15 and Valley Center. In the planning stages for four years, the project will be built across from Encino Drive and between Sunset/Ranchito Drive and Choya Canyon Road on property that is in Escondido but is mostly surrounded by unincorporated county land, much of which is already developed. The homes will be clustered on about half the land with the rest of the property being kept as open space. [Article]
by , San Diego Union-Tribune. 2018-08-16
County, Lake Elsinore to use street sweepers to clear ash from roads impacted by Holy Fire - Valley News
The Holy Fire has created a great quantity of ash, which has been accumulating throughout Lake Elsinore and the Temescal Valley. Due to the large amount present on streets and gutters, the ash must be removed. The Riverside County Health Department and local experts have advised that the immediate removal of ash using street sweepers is key to keeping the ash from spreading. Roads will be swept beginning Thursday, Aug. 16, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and will continue daily until Sunday. On Monday, the street sweeping will start at 9 a.m. and continue until 2 p.m. The work will continue until the targeted streets are done. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
County waste department to provide free household hazardous waste collection event for the Anza area - Valley News
The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources has scheduled a free household hazardous-waste collection event Saturday, Aug. 18, at the Anza Transfer Station. The collection is open to all Riverside County residents. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
County Reaches Agreement With Employees | Holtville Tribune | Local News | Imperial Valley
After more than a year of often tense negotiations between the county and several employee bargaining units, the County Board of Supervisors at its Aug. 7 and Aug. 14 meetings approved memorandums of understanding in steps toward settlement.   The actions involve the Management, Professional Employee, Working Supervisors and Confidential Clerical Bargaining units.   [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
Emotion, But No Decisions From County Election Committee | Holtville Tribune | Local News | Imperial Valley
Imperial County’s new election committee met for the first time on Aug. 8 and while it lacked a formal agenda there was no shortage of impassioned ideas to make voting more inclusive.   Perhaps most vociferous was committee member Eric Reyes, a Brawley resident and frequent political campaign advocate. He insisted there must be greater online accessibility to voter and candidate information.   "It's not about competence but having confidence in the office of the Registrar (of Voters)," said Reyes. "She's (Registrar Debra Porter) meeting the state requirements but she's not going above and beyond and we're lagging behind what other counties are doing." [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
County Approves Plans and Specifications for Road Project Improvements | Holtville Tribune | Local News | Imperial Valley
The County Board of Supervisors at its Aug. 14 meeting unanimously approved the plans and specifications for several projects to improve streets in Heber and Desert Shores totaling $3 million.   The projects will include asphalt concrete leveling, slurry sealcoat and 2-inch skin patch. Bids for the Heber and Desert Shores projects will open on Sept. 7. The projects are as follows:   Heber Townsite Roadway Improvement Project: Estimated Construction cost of $1.3 million; will improve 3.6 miles and multiple roadways located throughout Heber. Constructed estimated to begin December 2018. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
County Board Dark For Three Weeks, Budget Hearing Set | Holtville Tribune | Local News | Imperial Valley
The Imperial County Board of Supervisors will not meet on Aug. 22, Aug. 29 and Sept. 4, the Clerk of the Board office reported. The next meeting will be Sept. 11 at 9:30 a.m.   A budget workshop and hearing will be held on Aug. 22 in the board chambers at 940 W. Main St. in El Centro, the clerk added. The workshop begins at 9 a.m. and the hearing 1:30 p.m. Both are open to the public. [Article]
by , . 2018-08-16
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